You cry over a tv character’s death. ” “You’re GOT7 right? Wow. Got7 Reaction to you being flirted to by another idol . You’re Dating JHope. idol or not “you all know me, there’s only a few of my scenarios that have only one genre, so if I were you I’d just read through all of them and see what you like. GOT5 nailed the Random Dance segment (cries for You reached up and gave him a quick peck. jooheon monsta x jooheon imagine jooheon texts jooheon scenarios monsta x texts monsta x scenarios monsta x imagine kpop kpop texts kpop text kpop imagine kpop imagines kpop scenarios GOT7 was really busy, but this was the day they had a break to stay in the dorm. Would secretly be pissed, but pretend they are okay with it: Yugyeom, Jaebum. :) * - means it’s #mobile masterlist #finally i did it #hope you enjoy #personal #mine #bts scenario #got7 scenario #fluff scenario #angst scenario #smut scenario #bts smut #exo scenarios #exo #bts #got7 #kpop angst #kpop #mafia au #exo fluff #exo angst #bts fluff #bts angst #got7 angst #got7 fluff #park jimin #kim taehyung #kim namjoon #kim seokjin #min yoongi you set a picture of the two of you as your phone background; you accidentally sprayed water on them while washing the car; they find out from another member that you’ve been sick but you didn’t tell them because you didn’t want them to worry; you’re really clumsy; seventeen as your tutor; how seventeen would make sure you’d get their Scenarios: Coming soon! Texts: Boyfriend Yugyeom . Jun 29, 2014 · It was around nine when he got sleepy. Kris: got7 reaction to their idol crush's girl group posting a video of her singing on of got7's songs? [your blog is so good!!] JB: He wouldn’t have a very expressive reaction if he saw the video in public. Request: “could you do a reaction with Got7 to them realising your really kinky” A/N: I really enjoyed this request! So here it is! (p. Got7 groupchat where you’re freaking out over their new comeback (ft. Christmas Tree (Fluff Scenario) Jooheon. Make it look like you’re ready to walk out on each other. Got7 Reacting to you falling asleep in a weird position Aug 06, 2017 · Tired (Wonho x Reader) Admin: Mimi Prompt/Ask: hiii 😄 can I have a fluffy Wonho scenario where he is really tired and stressed and he falls asleep on you while you’re playing with his hair? thank you Sep 17, 2016 · The GOT7 guide for new fans Since our boys are making a comeback, and a few months ago I was a new fan who didn’t know what to watch, I figured this would be helpful to new Ahgases! Anonymous: BTS Jin fluff please!! You're his wife and you are pregnant with your first child (a daughter) and you happen to go into labor when he is at a fan-sign. Jaebum ran a feverish ran down your side while pulling you closer, "You're the best baby girl. You pulled yourself from his grasp and removed you shirt from your body, sighing at how much cooler you felt without it. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons You make a bet if they loose they have to wax and they lose. I’m sorry for my absence, I had to take a few weeks for self care. 5 KPOP GOT7 IDOL by @joyousbeom. Bands we accept: SHINee, EXO, GOT7, VIXX, BTS, F(x), Infinite, and BIGBANG Please note for reactions: only one or two bands per request! If you put more we will pick only two. 5. Flying in the winter was a dread for the boys. This was the last thing you had expected to happen to you today or at all. You gave him a smile and looked into his eyes, trying your best to tell him without using your words. There’s no point in denying it. ” ateez mingi. got7 reaction to going to an award show with their idol s/o; Got7 Reaction To You Not Answering Your Phone; Scenarios/Drabbles. I need to see you smile at me to be happy. Reactions: How They Met You You Being Pregnant and Fainting on Stage You Being Jealous Over Another Idol Them Being Jealous Over Another Idol You Having a Stuffy As Disney Princesses ; You Getting Drunk After A Fight Texts: Maknaes Being the Maknaes - Jinyoung Scenarios/Drabbles/Fics: All About You (Jinyoung) 麗 Hello lovelies! It's Jay. Mark: Mark, being American, thought it was cool and sexy he found it cool that you weren’t like some of the idol girls who were too cute and frilly acting. 20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a girl he met at a fanmeeting. Good morning jagi! I was starting to think I would have to cuddle with this bear! H O S E O K. Got7 Reaction to you wanting sex 24/7 . Honestly I should just go back to doing blurbs as well but anyways, enjoy this. You secretly learn Korean but mess it up because you’re nervous. He’s scared that one day you’ll leave him ☁️ You’re also an idol and you’re his ideal type/crush/bias ☁️; Jinyoung: Relaxing day ☁️; You’re also an idol and you’re his ideal type/crush/bias ☁️ i rushed this and the use of “your” instead of you’re in the last screenshot is really irking me. - We’re almost in time, you smiled. “It’s okay…please don’t do that again? and at least try to text once so I know you’re okay” Mark picked you up bridle style and started walking home,”Okay jagi” Nonetheless he always sent a text or two to you whenever he was out so you wouldn’t worry. seventeen masterlist produce 101 s2 masterlist about & rules MASTERLIST Gif reactions UP10TION • Their reaction when they realize they love you • Their reaction when you accidentally swear at them • Their reaction when you wear revealing clothes Scenarios Stray GOT7: GF doing a sexy dance with another member. “You know, you are so much more than just the size of a body part baby,” he would say, smiling sweetly and scrunching his nose when you blushed. Got7 Reaction to you drunkenly confessing to them. 14 Dec 2017 Anon asked: Au where you're an idol and you describe your idol crush on a music show interview and GOT7 are backstage, trying really hard  9 Dec 2017 Got7 watching their idol girlfriend do sexy Random Play Dance Here's He would be a little embarrassed, but he would understand you're just  17 Nov 2017 Got7 Reaction: Another famous idol flirting with their s/o despite their s/o making clear “ohhh,” Jin starts, “So you're Mark's mystery girlfriend”. They defend you when you’re getting picked on. Since you were finally dating with a boy who you had a crush for so long, you didn’t want to be for only one second far from him. Oct 13, 2017 · GOT7 "You Are" Dance Practice Find GOT7 "7 for 7" on iTunes & Apple Music: (Weekly Idol EP. You’re lying right now, I know you are. ” Suddenly, he hugged you. However, if he were to see the video on his own he would honestly be so excited. BamBam’s face was priceless when he heard that your family had seen the videos. He rolled his eyes, pulling his arm out of your grasp, “quit looking at me like that. You and Jinyoung finally crashed on the sofa where you watched the end of a well-known holiday movie, cuddling. Winner: When You're An Idol Whom He Likes And You Hug Him When He Wins On Show Champion Seungyoon: *trying not to fanboy* Jinwoo: *sees you coming at him* You: *hugs him* “Congrats” Jinwoo: “Thank Baekhyun would find it very cute when you first meet, being as you’re shy, but would find you even cuter when you get closer! He’s very 4D himself so to see someone else be even a little 4D like him, he’d be even more attached them. So far we do ships, reactions, scenarios, and MTLs. He’d also tease you a little bit. got7 got7 text got7 texts texts text texting got7 igot7 imagine scenario jb jr Jinyoung jaebum Mark Mark tuan Jackson Jackson Wang Yugyeom bambam Youngjae cute they fan girl over you you're an idol JYP Sep 06, 2019 · You’re shy (Johnny, Winwin, Lucas, Mark, Jaemin) You have an extremely loud / ugly laugh (NCT 127) You’re always bringing home stray animals (NCT 127) You get a short haircut (NCT Dream) You’re a lawyer and win a big case (NCT 2018 minus the Dreamies) You sit on their lap (NCT Dream) Aug 19, 2015 · You’re an Idol and the Queen of Sass (GOT7) JB: -you had the nickname of Sassmaster it was your natural defense. As always, if there is anything that you want to see, Got7 Scenarios Requests Closed. You’re awake? Thank God! T A E H Y U N G. 3. You’re paying more attention to cat videos Jun 25, 2016 · EXO’s reaction when you(gf) perform troublemaker with another idol you can find all of our other reactions > hereSuho he is smiling, but his soul is long gone from his body Lay “what the flying Protective Big Brother!GOT7 When You're Dating A BTS Member Yugyeom - Jungkook He would be polite to Jungkook and treat him well. " You giggled at their sudden spat and it made you feel a lot less nervous. ” You let out the laugh you had been holding. Come here. -Time skip-Today was the day you appeared on Weekly Idol and after thinking about it too much you became nervous again, you still kept what the others said in mind and you were determined to be yourself and not be inappropriate. Hey, had to look the part of club-goer right? Or at least attempt to. After your first kiss. Soon your touch cause Bambam to forget about the movie as well. XD One more before I sleep =)) Good night =)) THANK YOU GUYS~~ Oh gee I can’t keep up with my own scenarios… I dunno if i’ve posted this before O. mark tuan | you fell in love with mark, but you had to move away for work. You started to cry and tried to change his mind. “Y/N, I know I acted as if I didn’t think you were worthy to be my girlfriend or like the idea of you being with me was just the most absurd thing ever, but none of that is true. including the I got7 ones and the real got7 ones…. You’re not fat or ugly, you’re the perfect girl to me” Ik he shows an aura of not caring much, but he’d be more careful around you defiantly. bambam, got7, fluff. The whole group bowed in response, “Annyeonghaseyo. I love you so much it hurts when I see you hugging a fan. Another Guy Is Flirting With You. ” “Oh, come on! - ̗̀ kpop scenarios paradise ̖́- welcome to my blog, lovelies! i write scenarios, imagines and fanfics for kpop groups! groups i write for! home request groups i write for masterlist 80. When he’s alone with you he would become a bit whiny. Aug 21, 2017 · GOT7 reaction to you being kinky. Aug 03, 2017 · Kpop Blog. Yugyeom’s birthday . As they start to fly by themselves,they are often surrounded by birds. Got7 Reactions Seventeen Reactions BTS Scenarios EXO Scenarios Got7 Scenarios Seventeen Scenarios Love Spoken In Hangul - SehunXOC Fan Fiction The Exchange of Sweet Nothings - JinyoungXOC Deerly Beloved - LuhanXOC Fan Fiction Protect Her Heart - JunhuiXOC Fan Fiction A Simple Love Story - EunwooXOC Fan Fiction Song Girl - SungjinXOC Fan Fiction Got7 Reaction #17 - You (Their crush) confess your love while you’re drunk anon asked: bigbang and got7 reaction to you (their crush) confessing to them while you’re drunk af? Who do you think is the least (1) to the most (7) likely to be jealous and possessive over their girl? When GOT7 gets their first win, who do you think will cry and who will give the speech? When maknae line has a crush on a girl, which hyung do you think they’d go to for advice? What are 5-10 videos that you feel every new GOT7 fan should see? Jaebum quirked a brow and folded his arms over his chest. He doesn’t want you feeling like you’re not worthy of his love. -Re-Editing. However, when you’re done and give yourself a weary glance, you’re pretty sure all you managed to do was make yourself look like a clown. There are so many risks you’re taking by doing this. “I never realized I didn’t show you how beautiful you are enough. I take it as in it is something they have to do for work and not just something they do for fun. Scenario) request: breaking up with jr. Things get a little out of hand and you find out you’re pregnant. Jaebum. S E O K J I N. Anyway, you had no idea what was going on and by the time half of the movie had passed you gave up. You’re Dating Rap Monster. Luca’s Note: GOD I’ve been so inactive, I’m so sorry. He didn’t confront anyone nor did he show his anger. “You’re freezing. This was mostly so I could keep track of what I’ve read, what chapter I was on for ongoing fics, and ones I haven’t read yet but I felt like it might be helpful so here you go. J-Hope / Hoseok : He was showing you a new dance at the Got7 Reaction to Hearing Another Idol Talking about their Crush (You). It's like the sun, it can light up the world. How Would Got7 React To Another Idol Flirting With Their S/O. You and Yugyeom like each other, but he is reluctant to confess to you because of the fact that he’s an idol. loves to put an arm around you then tug you close and kiss you no matter who is around. I don't think I can be happy without knowing you love me and you're waiting for me to come back. I really love SMAU’s so I’ve created a masterlist of all the fics I’ve found. 30 Sep 2017 Anonymous: Can you do please do a got7 reaction where the reader is also a ( I haven't been watching much Weekly Idol recently because of But the hosts give Jaebum the hammer because you're a leader too so yeah. so I had to come up with a solution and the one that I liked the most was making masterlists for each group (reactions and scenarios) and then each idol. - Duration: 17:46. How Would Got7 React To Their Best Friend Becoming Their Girlfriend. I know you will. When you’re dating, nothing better than spend so many hours with you boy or girlfriend. He practiced and practiced, on top of occasional events, fansigns, music shows and etc. It’s been a rough few weeks, so hopefully I can look through a lot of these requests and write some scenarios that’ll make you smile! And to the other admins, thanks so much with your patience guys, you’re really the best. Kpop Scene - who won't fall for Taemin's aegyo? you accompany them to practice but faint from exhaustion you’re underweight due to your extreme diet SHINee scenarios See more You then brought everything back in, and looked at the clock. Reactions: Got7 in a zombie apocalypse . You don’t believe in sex until after marriage. Exo and BTS: You’re In A Secret Relationship And Both Idols And There’s A Rumor Going Around That You’re Dating Another Idol Requested By: Anonymous ~ EXO and bts reaction when your both idols and Jun 27, 2015 · When You Break Up With Him (Got7 Jr. ” “What, pretend we’re angry enough to split up?” Jackson laughs incredulously, clapping his hands together. Mark. Taehyung calls you clingy-Admin Angel. We sincerely apologize for making you guys wait and we’re grateful that you guys are still here supporting us! Unfortunately, since both of us are hs seniors now, we have a lot of work to do (college apps, hw, extracurriculars, etc). You guys met on some  17 Jul 2015 You're an idol and you get shipped with them (GOT7) Y/S/N= you ship name JB: - it was well known the two of you liked each other. As you thought, it was a fan cursing at you. “Am I that good?” Jinyoung definitely owned the dancing, Jackson’s commentary was hilarious, and you can see their close relationship with Amber, which is adorable! 6. Aug 28, 2016 · “You’re supposed to be helping me shop, not checking me out. I want to make you feel love. The New Year (Fluff Scenario) BLACKPINK. Got7 as gifs. 294) GOT7 Random play dance FULL ver. got7, jaebumjb, marktuan. ALL THE K-POP 16,361,615 views. Jaebum’s voice brings you back to the present. 20pm. The group gained attention for their stage performances, which include elements of martial arts tricking. Also feel free to request scenarios, kinks and dialogue that’s not on this list. He’d immediately go there, probably not even taking the time to let the other If You're The One: A Collection of Scenarios (ALWAYS OPEN & REQUEST NOW) Upvote Upvote (82) Subscribe Unsubscribe (4716) 910701 views Author(s) dbskgirl4ever Follow -Reaction to you using the sign language to talk to a deaf fan (You’re also an idol)-Reaction to you ignoring them since the other guys dared you to // Performance Unit-Seventeen reaction to other guys teasing them about their crush on you // Hip Hop Unit-Reaction to you learning and speaking Sindarin. Anonymous asked: Can you do a scenario where you're an idol and where you're asked who your ideal type is and you bluntly say you like Jungkook and then you get really embarrassed right after you admit it? Then you bump into him backstage or something? bts-got7-seventeen-scenarios-de: A/N: Here ya go! I hope you like it _____ a/n: (requested by anon: What type/how much pda do you thinl they would be into?) I’m shocked how fast I finished this lolol ↳ mark: very assertive. You tried to just pass them until they started talking. Got7 Reaction to you dragging the to a concert they don’t like. I will update the masterlist every after two months! tell me if some links do not match. You two started walking again until you saw a small group of girls giving a dirty look. This is a reupload from an old blog. I'll never be able to repay you for all you've done for me. GOT7 Reaction - When You’re Obsessing Over Another Idol Thanks for the reaction! Here you go @hipster-shiz, i hope you really like this! <3 . got7 au got7 imagines kpop scenarios kpop au kpop imagines im jaebum imagines mark tuan imagines park jinyoung imagine idol !hyunjin. Okay that it was really hard since he was an idol and he was always busy with so many schedules. you suggested watching vines and you both fell down a deep hole of pure hilarious vines that you actually wanted to try re-enacting some and after so many failed attempts it was a little hard to stay up and Jeongin was [A/N: Hey anon, I wasn’t sure if you would be another idol who’d refuse to date another idol or just a normal person. All Chpts: #My20YearOldIdolHusband. True, it's not the actual idols, but it is sure to be a load of fun! So drop on by our ask box and send us a message and see what your favorite idol/group would say to you. JB: As Jaebum sat beside other male idols at an award show your group was performing at, he couldn’t help but listen to them as If you learn better by hearing or speaking what’s in your notes and books he’ll listen to you with a straight face, sometimes he can get carried away and get extremely bored and starts making funny faces just to see if you’re paying attention to him but when you catch him he acts like nothings wrong, even if he doesn’t exactly show it Dec 28, 2018 · GOT7, 칼 군무 속 섹시함이 흘러내리는 무대 ‘You Are’ @2017 SBS 가요대전 1부 20171225 - Duration: 3:59. Got7 Reaction #17 - You (Their crush) confess your love while you’re drunk anon asked: bigbang and got7 reaction to you (their crush) confessing to them while you’re drunk af? A/N: THESE TURNED INTO Feb 27, 2018 · andromeda’s masterlist Updated: February 27, 2018 Here goes me trying to make a masterlist. The group is They then went on to release their fifth Korean EP Flight Log: Departure and their On December 7, Got7 re-released their EP 7 for 7 as a holiday themed "Idols, Idols and More Idols Coming Your Way in 'Dream High 2'". Bts scenario: How they When You're Obsessing Over Another Idol; Getting Caught Cheating; When  24 Jun 2018 GOT7 reaction to working with their crush for the first timenotes: aomg version laughed at first when he heard you two would be in the same drama and he was told him and a few other idols would be doing a number together you're a good writer and i'm proud of how far you've come and you should  GOT7 Reactions/Scenarios/Imagines - Jackson Appreciation Se você namorasse um K-idol ❤ #wattpad #fanfiction "Yo, you're like the cutest guy ever . Standing he went to a few racks and came back with something of his own design. 31 Dec 2015 Thank you for your request! When I got this one, I was super excited to write for it! It's something I haven't written for yet, so I enjoyed writing it ^. Jun 27, 2015 · When You Break Up With Him (Got7 Jr. “You want me to look like you?” Got7 debuted in January 2014 with the release of their first EP Got It?, which peaked at number two on the Gaon Album Chart and number one on Billboard's World Albums Chart. ” “Fine,’ he grumbled. Scenarios: GOT7. Idol Advent - Day Thirteen For the first twenty-five days of December we will be opening up a door on the Idol Advent tree to see who is behind it and waiting with a drabble to share! GOT7 ideal types A/N I do not own any of the gifs nor is my opinion a fact. Please start taking care of yourself _____. If this wasn’t what you intended, feel free to request again! Sorry about that! Also, thanks so much for 400 followers!! You surprise him while he’s at work/on tour ☁️; Minseok: I love you so much ☁️⚡️; GOT7. Reactions: You cuddle them in your sleep. I’m cutting you off. 2 KPOP IDOL GOT7 by @joyousbeom A Fluffy Date with an Utapri boy!! (1,666) Unlike a certain other person's shindans (looking at you @grinnsley) this one is going to be pu “You’ll do great. Often seen holding hand or with a simple skinship moment or simple Read Weekly Idol [ Jr. JakcsonWang852. romantic yugyeom plotline) Group chats. So just stop before you make a fool of yourself. You pulled yourself into his lap and kissed him. ) Trust Me (Got7 Mark Fluffy Smut) This was a request from Anonymous: “Long preference or imagine where u are a virgin & u tell ur boyfriend mark & hes super sweet about it & soon u both take things bit Masterlist; Note: some scenarios are listed in more than one category!If a link is broken or directs you to the wrong scenario, please let me know immediately! – All/Multiple Members: Got7 reacts to you moaning during a massage:Mark:Mark’s face would flush light red and he would giggle at your actions. You’re honestly surprised that he was even on time today. tumblr. But you know is going to happend. The groups we do are BTS, EXO, GOT7, monsta x, NCT, Wanna One, Vixx, Blackpink, Kard, and Day6. “You’re nervous?” “I never talked to a girl,’ he whispered. 0 GOT7 by @wangtiddies. You’re scared of the other members. I know why you're here hoe. *we don’t own the gifs* - admin x My 20 Year Old Idol Husband - Day 12 [ Together] 20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a girl he Can you do a BTS reaction of them reacting to you checking out one of the others in the group or maybe another group? (ie EXO, GOT7, etc) I think it would be awesome if some members were silly, but others having a sexy reaction (like “I’m so much better” sort of thing) Hope you get a round to it! Have a great day! Jin: What? During the first flight log,the members carry a cute little bird. 19 Sep 2016 Got7 Reaction ~ You have an Idol Brother “A/N: So I found out that I have a tiny bit of Scenarios, Reactions, Texts and Aesthetics You shrank into the sofa cushions as you heard Jackson shout “You're her brother?! Got7 (Korean: 갓세븐) is a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment. Of course you understood; he was an idol, he practiced hard every day, all day long. Youngjae - *He’d feel a little awkward with having to see and hear you obsess so much but he’d take your phone of you and cuddle with you to calm you down* You’re an idol and you get shipped with them (GOT7) Y/S/N= you ship name JB: -it was well known the two of you liked each other. How Would Got7 React On A Carnival/Fair Date With Their S/O. Got7 when they think you’re with Mark Tuan You’re getting hit on by a guy and you call them to pick you up; Finding out they’re not your bias; Idol!Reader performs a song about them; Waking up to their Soulmate countdown being 0:00 and finding out their S/O has died; You confess that they’re your ideal type during an interview; Got7 member kiss their S/O on the cheek during an You’re finals were coming up so you had been studying for them non stop for the past week. *These aren't really Anonymous: Can you write a scenario with GOT7's Mark where you're married and they're on weekly idol and you tell them you're pregnant through the the doniconi call? You clutched your phone in your hands as you watched them from the doorway filming. Nonetheless he would understand, sometimes making jokes about it to a) make the situation and them seem a little less scary and b) to make you feel better about it and reassure you it was ok. This is just for entertainment and i could be totally wrong about their preferences. Even with his fiercer expressions and fluid movements, whenever he get close enough to you, he’d whisper something encouraging whether you needed to hear it or not. You've made me truly happy- something that can be rare to come by. Their Younger Sister Dancing Sexily With Another Member. When you’re sharing a dorm with them and always end up sneaking into their room to sleep besides them When you’re an idol and describe them as your idol crush/ideal type on a music show Mafia AUWhen the leader of a rival mafia gang they came to make a deal with is a woman Mafia AUWhen their fiancee runs away When you’re sharing a dorm with them and always end up sneaking into their room to sleep besides them When you’re an idol and describe them as your idol crush/ideal type on a music show Mafia AUWhen the leader of a rival mafia gang they came to make a deal with is a woman Mafia AUWhen their fiancee runs away Got7 Reaction: you being really clingy. You bit your lip as you pulled ouf your phone and answered. You flinch in a GOT7′S REACTION TO YOU LOSING AT RANDOM DANCE PLAY AT WEEKLY IDOL “Anonymous: Can you do please do a got7 reaction where the reader is also a idol and they go on weekly idol and they lose at random #vixx scenarios #vixx reactions #got7 scenarios #got7 reactions #kpop scenarios #kpop reactions When their idol crush is on Hello Baby with them Request: Your blog gives me life :’) how would vixx react if you their idol crush was on hello baby with them and the group “Stop Y/N. It was a valiant effort, dear anon, but I must decline your request. You broke down in front of him. I hope that’s what you meant! Thank you dear for requesting!! I hope you enjoy!~Em ~ You’re getting git on by a guy and you call them to pick you up ~ Finding out they’re not your bias ~ Idol!Reader performs a song about them ~ Waking up to their soulmate countdown being 0:00 and finding out their S/O is dead ~ Got7 member kissing their S/O on the cheek during an interview ~ You confess that they’re your ideal type GOT7 When Idol Girlfriend Gets Praised For Her Looks, Not Talent. s. Discover ideas about My Korean Name. You didn't want to ruin the date so you smiled likd usual then ended the call. Ren’s not some average Joe you met in a bar one night, he’s an idol and dating an idol is bad news. Taekwoon would react by letting you wear all of his big shirts to bed and out on lunch dates. Aug 20, 2018 · GOT7 Scenarios Masterlist back to main masterlist here Disclaimer: Anything marked with an M for Mature has sexual, explicit content. I don’t want to do anything when you’re not there. Black Pink Reaction: You Sing a Duet W/ Them & They’re Shocked by Scenarios: Coming soon! Texts: Boyfriend Yugyeom . A groan passes through you as you walk into the bathroom. “GOT7 on Weekly Idol” - Weekly Idol is probably my favourite variety show next to Running Man, so I was super excited to see them go on it. Didn’t know how to talk to girls, especially one as pretty as Amelia. You knew he would’ve been tired, and frankly, you were grateful he even had the time to spend with you, let alone a full night. I’m going to write this as if you’re an old childhood friend of one of the members. Why should he? He was too busy with being an Idol to think about dating. I can’t be happy when you’re not there by my side. You weren’t an idol or anyone famous and a small part of him must have been embarrassed by you. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. ALL. I am strictly writing for Got7. 25 Apr 2016 can you do got7 reactions to their girlfriend debuting as the leader of her Not to mention now that you're both idols, it's more likely that you'll  17 May 2016 GOT7 REACTION: You are a kpop idol and you have to do a sexy photoshoot with another “If you do it with Bambam I promise that I'll kill him! 9 Sep 2016 This reaction is based off of my Blurring The Lines scenario which was about Jaebum having a crush on you - you're an idol too and you have  14 Apr 2016 Anonymous said: Got7 react to another idol hitting on you when they have a Meanwhile you're like “What is going on” to yourself as you see  Read ☁Sick #1☁ from the story GOT7 Reactions/Scenarios/Imagines by TheMischiefWithin with Let's you sleep but stays near, wanting to be sure you' re okay. Got7 Reaction to a younger relative wanting to go on the bouncy castle with them Scenarios: Run (Hongbin scenario) Dark Paradise (Hongbin songfic) Wild (Hongbin Songfic) Runaway (Leo songfic) Most to Least Likelys. please check the rules before making a request. it’s a lot of masterlists, but it’s a lot cleaner too and ordered, so I’m Hello? Have you ever wondered what you would ask your favorite idols if you met them in real life? Are you an international fan and you feel like you won't get the chance to meet them, and are itching to wonder how they'd feel about a certain question? Or maybe you're wondering about what member would start crushing on you? "No, I'm not. long story short, tumblr has a limit on posts, I think it’s the amount of links you can put in one post. Hi there, acquaintance! It seems as though you have the wrong blog, which is totally fine, like thanks for requesting and all, but at the moment, I dont write for BTS. ^ it was honestly so late that you both had no idea what time it was but you both wanted to hang out and do something fun. Requests are closed a little longer until we catch up on some reqs. “All because Gyeomie skipped dance class? That’s so extra, man. Got7 Reacts to You Being Hit on By Another Idol Hey guys! What’s up? My day today was shorter then usual because two of my classes were cancelled. " finally done with this it's like therapy you know now i'm done with the tiddies and abs jinyoung got7 got7 jinyoung got7 park jinyoung park jinyoung got7 got7 park jinyoung jinyoung au jinyoung smut got7 scenarios got7 scenario got7 x you got7 x reader jinyoung x reader got7 audio got7 fluff got7 fanfic jinyoung fluff jinyoung fanfic got7 Admin Rini, present. 19 Aug 2015 You're an Idol and the Queen of Sass (GOT7) JB: -you had the nickname of Sassmaster it was your natural defense. B T S. This is a heavy question to wake up to and I will not be able to go about my day unless I do justice to this, so here you When i see your face there's not a thing that i would change cuz boy you're amazing just the way you are (btw stop being so perfect i am literally drooling when i see your face) what is this cute fluff ball at his smile Mark's smile so so beautiful. You two were in an interview, and Mark was honestly pretty pissed off. Read ☁💢Chronic Illnesses💢☁ from the story GOT7 Reactions/Scenarios/Imagines by TheMischiefWithin with 4,659 reads. Conversation reactions:-Reaction to you Bts reaction when you are a idol and you fall during a preformance Jin: He’d be eager to laugh but would work hard to this doesn’t happen. MTL. You couldn’t hold your tears and you heard him sobbing in your back. ) "You look so good with your head between my legs. Would tell you how they feel about it: Bambam, Jackson Jan 11, 2016 · Reporting on what you care about. Indeed, it was already 11. If you guy's weren't aware, in an old episode of Got7 Hard Carry, the members of Got7 met with a psychologist and learned their Anonymous asked: Hi! Can i get a Jackson scenario where you're a rookie idol too and you're invited to Weekly Idol w/ your group and surprisingly w/ GOT7 because another interview you accidently said Jackson is your ideal type and rest is up to you! “I just don’t think you understand what you’re getting yourself into. They hear you sing for the first time. If it wasn’t a major slip and you got right up he be clapping and cheering “yea babe, nothing brings you down!” but would probably be bending over laughing afterwards when he saw you backstage. Their Ideal Types. Today, we're going to be diving deep into the psychological side of both our Ahgase' personalities, and the personalities of the Got7 members. Sep 13, 2015 · REACTION MASTERLIST. Plus, he wasn’t as suave as he knew the other members to be. slowly getting into GOT7 when you’re an idol in JYP and he’s a big fan of yours~ Requested by: anon. -type of boyfriend that would buy the whole store when you’re on your period. BTS//Got7 reacting to you having frequent stomach aches BTSJin : Being the mom of Bangtan, I think Jin would be prepared for your frequent stomach aches. Since you and your boyfriend don’t meet for a long time, he was calling you to go there and even know the members, because they still didn’t know you. -He would watch special stages or performances with you of got7 or any other group. Sep 20, 2018 · 대세돌 'got7' 아가새에게 인생 최고의 선물은 갓칠이들이야♥ 'Lullaby' 무대! M COUNTDOWN is the World No. x Reader ] from the story GOT7 Imagines! by catch-the-monsta (nixeu) with 10,181 reads. Meeting their daughter’s boyfriend. Your love for music would prompt him to sing to you even more then he already does with everyone else. sometimes he just likes showing off that hey this is mine. You decided to turn on his lap so you were facing him and play with his hair. SBS Entertainment 2,135,896 views 3:59 NSFW Alphabet: B - Got7 NSFW Alphabet: Send me a letter and an idol and I’ll give you a headcanon B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) Okay imma try to keep Second of all, my family speaks English and you’re English is pretty good. Another member helps you with a school project. - Jackson would rap to you when you’re grumpy. Seeing You Play With Kids. You guys met on some game show as opposing teams and you just sassed him out. And third, they’ve already watched plenty of Got7 videos…. Got7 when they think you’re with Mark Tuan Got7 Reaction to you posting a after sex pic on instagram . Black Pink Reaction: You Doing a Sexy Dance for Them ** Black Pink as Halloween Costumes HALLOWEEK 2016. ”, giving them a polite bow. bts bts fake text bts imagines bts scenarios bts taehyung kim taehyung taehyung fake texts taehyung imagine taehyung scenarios kpop kpop fake texts kpop texts kpop scenarios kpop imagines Send me a number and an idol! these prompts were taken from here, credits to the original creator. It was a pair of fitted light blue jeans, a black and white striped shirt and a blue blazer. “That’s the eggnog talking. Keep the conflict going as long as you can; maybe even argue a little amongst yourselves and take sides. Got7. You Bend Over In Front Of Them. No matter your budget, we got you covered. He would carry around Pepto Bismol around Send me a message if you’re attending kcon la this year! reactions exo scenario bts scenarios idol producer imagines got7 reaction girlfriend is a kpop idol BTS Reaction: Their Idol Girlfriend Wakes Up After Collapsing on Stage //requested// *gifs are not mine* N A M J O O N . Typical Jinyoung style. All scenarios and writings are produced by the admins, but all images to not belong to us. You’re Dating Jimin. “Don’t be such a Scrooge. I tried to put each story to the genre section Mar 23, 2018 · But have you ever wondered what your relationship with every single member of GOT7 would look like? Take our quiz below to find out! What’s your relationship with GOT7? GOT7 (Youngjae) Reaction: you being hospitalized Youngjae would hear the news either through your friends or your parents. requested by anon! Hello anon! I’m going to take this as you’re being very cuddly clingy. " Unlike my usual routine with prompts, you can request these as many times as you like, combine a bunch of prompts or even add a few of your own in your request. Anonymous said: What about got7 made you like them so much Answer: Oh, dear. 1. . Reactions. This is a GOT7 scenarios blog, we have no other intentions other than to provide scenarios for other aghases! Blow Up Reaction Hi, everyone! We're two girls admin Jibooty and admin Satansoo who came up with the amazing idea to make a blog for whatever we decide to do. the type that keeps his hands low on your back or waist and sneaks them slightly under your As soon as he found out you were scared of the other members, he’d be a little annoyed at them for making you feel that way. How Would Got7 React To Their Friend seventeen scenarios blog!! (now also featuring produce 101 s2/wanna one!!) requests are always open, so feel free to send an ask anytime. You find out they’re in the mafia. QUIZ: Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your Taste In K-Dramas? My Korean Name Kdrama Quiz How To Find Out Kdrama Quiz How To Find Out got7 got7 scenarios got7 imagines im jaebum got7 jb pocket! got7 pocket! jb imagine pocket-sized junior staying in your pencil case while you’re at school, so he can make sure you’re awake during classes. A/N: thank you so much for requesting! May 09, 2018 · Hello my beautiful Ahgases! This is my reaction to GOT7 on Weekly Idol! These boys are too crazy! xD I can’t deal with them! Hope you guys like it!!! Got7: Imagines. You’re tired of going to collage. Got7 Drabble: Crush Confessing Their Feelings On Christmas; Jaebum Scenario: Jealous Of The Friendship Between Mark And BestFriend!You; Fake Texts. You’re Dating Yoongi. Often seen  11 May 2017 Got7 Reaction to Y/N Being Another Idol's Ideal Type A/N okay so the guys knew Yugyeom, knew not to mess with you or they'll get the wrath. Got7 Reaction When You Sleep With Them In A Bed For The First Time. Got7 Reaction to you having a miscarriage. You’re Dating Jungkook GOT7 reaction to their girlfriend being a mutant Requested; I’d like to ask a got7 reaction to their girlfriend being a mutant… you know like x-men A/N: This was really fun to do xD Thanks for When you tell them that you have plans with your best friend (who’s a male idol) Request: Can I get a gift request of you telling your boyfriend (Vixx members) That you have plans with your best friend (another male idol) thank you ^. these reactions are solely based on my interpretation of the GOT7 members. Got7 Mtl to date a black/ mixed girl “Okay!”, you said walking briskly to where Taemin is, along the way you bump into the rookie idol, GOT7, “Annyeonghaseyo. Cuddle Quietly with you . You leaned in close so you came face to face with Jinyoung. because you’re afraid of getting in his way with how busy he is. And you forgot to cancel your plans with your sweet boyfriend so when you got a text saying “Baby could you come over at 7 instead of 6?”you responded and got up quickly,you got so caught up in studying you forgot about spending the night with Chan. You angrily flip on the lightswitch and begin putting on your excessive makeup. -Car rides would never be quiet. ” You learned early on that Hongjoong was an entirely different person on stage. You could believe it was a coincidence,but in Jungkooks short film 'Begin' you also hear and see in the shadow birds flying past him,which was recorded in a studio. You make me feel at home and even if we’re just friends, I want to protect you. He’d let out a little shriek and fanboy to himself. Search, watch, and -If you’re in a bad mood He’ll do anything he can to cheer you up. ” monsta x wonho. Monsta X Reaction: They Think You’re Sick But You’re Just Holding in Gas. GOT7 REACT: To you talking in your sleep Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact: GOT7 react to you sleep talking Just a heads up, there are so many GOT7 requests that it might seem like I’m spamming you As you might have noticed, we’ve been on hiatus for quite a while now. I’m mad at you for scenarios for meeting your ult bias. ” GOT7 Scenario - Idol Love ~ Jackson Wang Request : Can I have a scenario when they fall in love with Amber’s sister (fx) You asked for a Jackson one through message so here you go and sorry if it’s a NSFW Alphabet: O - Got7 NSFW Alphabet: Send me a letter and an idol and I’ll give you a headcanon O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc) Jackson: He would equally enjoy both giving GOT7 REACT: To finding out an idol confessed to you on TV Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact: GOT7 finding out that an idol confessed to you on tv I’m so sorry I took so freaking long to post this. 2. com You held on tight to the his arms that were across your body. Wonho. ” 4. ” Right now your heart was caving in on itself. We test and find the best products. ” You stand up from the couch and turn to face Jackson, whose arms are crossed in an attempt to look Without you, I can’t live. MarkIdeal type:• Someone who makes me Sometimes they save the best for last, in this case, you're the last star I see in the morning to start off my day, Jagiya. and now you’re finally back (this was requested - not sure if it’s as you wanted but xxx) [GOT7] In celebration of GOT7’s comeback!!! ~Admin Liz ♡ You sighed as you heard your deskmate drop his books onto the desk. YOURE A BADASS RAPPER AND DANCER // GOT7. We will be doing got7, nct, exo, bts, seventeen, viction, wanna one and some others (just ask if we could write for a specific group or idol) We aren't doing underage idols for smut. You didn’t have too much to wait before the final countdown. “I didn’t wrap it, so you have to close your eyes. You two began whispering and giggling at such stupid things. masterlist is in my bio Got7 Reaction #17 - You (Their crush) confess your love while you’re drunk Youngjae Markson Got7 Yugyeom Bts Mark Tuan Twitter Go7 Mark Tyga Got7 Mark Tuan Jackson Wang A/N: THESE TURNED INTO May 23, 2016 · “AhaH did you guys see that? HAHa” Seunghoon: he’d be trying so hard not to burst out laughing. Admins: TT, Jetplane, M, Gyu and Nono. Now in the beginning of the MV 'Run' we see bird flying past them. They like you and you’re dating another member. Day 1 The Airport. 1 KPOP Chart Show, which is broadcast in 13 countries. This might be kind of selfish, but please stay with me forever. How Would Got7 React To Their S/O Being Vegan. thank you for reading!! ^^ works/series in progress: best friend, fake dating & prince. got7 scenarios you re an idol